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Pakistan Announce Hajj Application Policy 2014 Scheme

Pakistan Announce Hajj Application Policy 2014 Scheme.Ministry of Religious Affairs Government of Pakistan has started first phoase Hajj scheme 2014 in Pakistan. Most important fact is that there is no Last date of submission of Hajj Forms you can submit your form every day from the issuance of Hajj Application form.

Pakistan Announce Hajj Application Policy 2014 Scheme

Latest Information About Hajj 2014

The Directorate General Hajj, Consulate General of Pakistan, (Office of Pilgrim Affairs Pakistan) Jeddah will be hiring accommodation for about 57,000 hujjaj arriving from Pakistan under the government scheme for Hajj 2014/1435. In order to make improved arrangements for Pakistani hujjaj, the foremost amongst which is hiring, this process of acquiring comfortable accommodation shall be through a transparent and objective process; the following terms and conditions will be followed in this process.

1. All buildings will be hired by the Hiring Committee designated in the Hajj Policy 20131 on the basis of Saudi Hajj Taleemat and the provisions of the Hajj Policy read with instructions from the Ministry of Religious Affairs and Interfaith Harmony, Government of Pakistan.

2. The basic terms and process will be as provided in these guidelines. However, interested persons may obtain a copy of the agreements signed between the OPAP and building owners/lessors in 1434/2013 to acquaint themselves of the mechanism and conditions of hiring of buildings for Pakistani hujjaj. However, OPAP reserves the right to make further amendments in the 2013 agreement which shall be provided to any Saudi Owner/mustajir with whom the OPAP intends to enter into a preliminary Memorandum of Understanding (hereinafter MoU) of his.her reading prior to signing.


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